Ramadan with Picha Project: Give New Life Through Food

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Among the many NGO projects that aid marginalised communities in Malaysia, none are quite like the Picha Project. The Picha Project unique because it helps to empower refugees in Malaysia to be self-reliant and capable enough to build a new life on foreign soil through something as simple as food.

Through a sustainable food catering and delivery business, they provide job opportunities to marginalised families by creating a platform for them to cater food to the public. All that is needed are existing cooking skills and a little professional guidance.

It is common knowledge that food has always been a source of unity in Malaysia. No matter how much we fight and bicker about all issues, at the end of the day, we still sit down together and enjoy a plate of good food together.

That is exactly what Picha Project is all about.

The Picha Project Origins

Credit: pichaproject.com

It all began with a Burmese family who was first approached to join the project. They have now been with the Picha team through thick and thin ever since. To mark being the pioneer family and their willingness to participate in the social enterprise, the project was named “Picha” after this Burmese family’s three year old son Pita (pronounced Pi-Cha).

Started in January 2016, the project began as an experimentation on a series of business model, menu, marketing strategies and other elements in order to find the best way of making this social enterprise work.


The reason behind Picha

Credit: pichaproject.com

During the first kick off year of the project, founders Kim Lim, Swee Lin and Suzanne Ling, got a closer look into the lives of Pita and his family.

Pita is a child full of happiness, positivity and initiative. There is potential in him to grow into an individual who can achieve great things in live. However, the harsh reality is that Pita will probably be limited by lack of access to various basic needs due to his status and background as he grows up. We’re talking about simple needs such as education, healthcare and job opportunities.

The reality is that Pita and his family are only a small part of the 150,000 other refugees in Malaysia. Naming their social enterprise after Pita serves as reminder for the team to continuously strive and work towards creating a better Malaysia. They imagine and work towards a society where marginalised groups will be included.

Picha Project Today

Today, there are so many families that are a part of the Picha Project. Native food that ties them to their past and heritage is also used as the vehicle to propel them into a better future. Picha Project acts as the agent to supervise these families, ensuring the quality of the product. Picha Project also looks at packaging the product, marketing and delivery to customers.

Credit: pichaproject.com

Ramadan with Picha

Picha aims to give back through great, delicious food. In conjunction with the month of Ramadan, the Picha family is offering various local delicacies such as rendang, nasi impit and many more or you can go a little adventurous and try out the rich native dishes of Syria such as the “Fattet Magdoos” which is eggplant roasted with minced lamb  or the refreshing Tabouleh with its subtle flavours to cleanse your palate after a heavy meal.

You can check out the various offers for a Ramadan feast that you will never forget at PichaEats. With every spoonful, you are building a better life for these families.

Contacting the Picha Project Team

If you are looking for ways to contribute and make the lives of refugee families better, check out Picha Project’s website or give them a call.

Contact Details:

A: Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur
T: +6012 679 4353
W: http://www.pichaproject.com

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