AgakAgak Initiative Turns Dreams Into Reality

AA+ Founders (From left): Basira Yeusoff, Ili Sulaiman, Nizam Rosli

Nothing gives us more joy than witnessing the birth of new homegrown entrepreneurs, especially when their dream is all about making changes, regardless if it is big or small.

However, in Malaysia, startups are hardly given a chance to flourish. No, it is not because those who are already established in the business world are a kiasu lot but we lack proper platforms and opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs to learn the A-to-Zs of opening a business.

Fortunately, things seem to be turning around for the better because Agak-Agak has heard your unanswered prayers. They are here to provide you the opportunity that you need for your business to take off.


From Agak-Agak to AgakAgak Initiative (AA+)

Founders Ili Sulaiman, Basira Yeusuff and Nizam Rosli really believe in the importance in providing an intensive 12-month long apprenticeship program to help interested Malaysian youths become invaluable talents in the local F&B scene.

One of AA+ graduates, Raja Ahmad Nabil

They realise that the demand for skill-training and talent development encompasses more than just helping youths to have ‘something to do’. It’s about discovering their own potential and increasing their chances of employability, especially in the service sector.

Thus, Agak-Agak has been given a fresh, new makeover as AA+, an Agak-Agak Initiative that provides a platform where belief in the power of individual potential is the most important of all.


Sweet Dreams Are Made of This

With the upcoming 61st Merdeka celebration, AA+ is without a doubt, a local organisation that must be supported by every Malaysian for their noble cause and in the true spirit of Malaysia, AA+ does indeed uphold the slogan ‘Malaysia Boleh’ in their mission of producing the best talents in the F&B service sector.

If you are an aspiring individual with big dreams of having a business of your own, AA+ is an option for you! For more information, log on to or send your queries to

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