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Discover the Malaysian food community.

Malaysia is a wonderful place for those who love good food. Our multi-cultural heritage holds a treasure-trove of local flavors that have gained international recognition. Flavors that could excite your family, friends or customers. Most of it now on the Butterkicap’s growing archive. Here is where you can:


Connect with Chefs

We started our journey with one man who is now an integral part of Butterkicap – Nik Michael Imran, who is also Masterchef Malaysia 2011 finalist, owner at PickNIK, chef at Coffee in Common @ Common Ground and a co-star of Asian Food Channel’s Cooking for Love. Now we have a growing community of chefs, food entrepreneurs, food makers, home cooks, and foodies.

Create Original Content

Build a series of mouthwatering recipes, food videos or campaigns to whet the appetites of even the most sophisticated and seasoned palate. Exciting recipes, food stories or journeys help you build a positive brand association and creates a digital footprint that will lead new customers to your brand.


Advertise with Butterkicap

Gain creative solutions that will boost your existing marketing strategies. You’ll be connecting with the Butterkicap community: people who are family centric, value shoppers often working and living in the cities of Malaysia. They make the demographic that is taste conscious, wanting to be up to date with the best developments in food, culture, insight and more.

When you advertise with us, you will experience a data-driven approach to creating, integrating and measuring effective content marketing and advertising programs on In our experience, this creates extraordinary results.


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